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Pet Hair Vacuum for Shedding Grooming with Dog Clipper

Pet Hair Vacuum for Shedding Grooming with Dog Clipper

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Your Ultimate Pet Grooming Kit

Our grooming kit is designed to simplify pet grooming by seamlessly combining trimming and brushing while effectively collecting pet hair in the vacuum dust cup, eliminating tangled hair and fur.

Adjustable Suction Speeds

Our grooming kit offers three adjustable suction speeds (3kpa, 8kpa, and 12kpa) to cater to various grooming needs. You can choose low suction for gentle trimming and de-shedding or high suction for a thorough deep clean.

Pet-Friendly Quiet Operation

With a noise level of only 55 dB, our pet grooming vacuum operates quietly, ensuring that your pets remain calm and comfortable during grooming. For the initial use, allow your pets to adjust gradually to the device's noise. You can even reward them with treats to create a positive grooming experience.

Efficient Vacuuming System

it features two air inlets — when one is blocked, the other kicks in to prevent interruption. This design prevents the machine from being clogged by pet hair and ensures that the appliance operates smoothly and efficiently, providing a superior grooming experience for pets and their owners. Furthermore, the dual-air inlet design also allows for a longer lifespan of the machine as it reduces wear and tear caused by hair blockage.

Effortless Pet Hair Removal

Forget about the hassle of manually cleaning up pet hair. With our grooming kit, you can press the Quick Release Button on the brush, and the tangled hair will be effortlessly sucked straight into the bin. The generously-sized 2.2L dust cup can handle hair from multiple pets before needing to be emptied. Thanks to the one-touch dumping button, you can empty the dust cup without getting your hands dirty.

Universal Pet Hair Trimming

its perfect for grooming multiple pets, making it a convenient solution for pet owners. It comes with a variety of accessories that allow you to easily and efficiently style your pets' hair. Four adjustable guard combs (0.24-0.94in) provide flexibility in achieving your desired pet hair length, making it a versatile choice for all your pets' grooming needs.


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