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PetPicks™ Refreshing Dog Sprinkler Pad

PetPicks™ Refreshing Dog Sprinkler Pad

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How it works

👉 Will the dog's nails damage the PetPicks™?

The PetPicks™ is designed with your pet in mind, the polyurethane material holds up well against nails! Please note that this is not a chew toy and direct bites will likely puncture the PetPicks

👉 Is the PetPicks™ inflatable?

It is not, there is no blowing up required. Simply attach your hose to the outlet and water fills up the entire sprinkler pad including the outer ring!


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Make Your Dog's Summer Healthy

✅ Keeping your pup cool has never been so fun

✅ Non-stop crazy fun for your furry little friend

✅ Keeps your Furry Friend Happy & Hydrated!

✅ Safe and Durable

✅ Perfect for any occasion all year round


Perfect For All Shapes & Sizes

The best splash pad for any & all pups! Small/Medium is great for little to average sized dogs & Large is best for bigger breeds


Promotes Playfulness & Flexibility 

its not merely a heat-buster; it also encourages physical activity and agility. Your dog will relish the thrill of jumping through the sprinklers, racing amidst the water, and reveling in the fun.


Easy To Use

Fills, drains & dries in minutes so you spend more time making precious memories with your best friend(s). Just hook up the hose for instant, endless fun!


Keep your Dog Healthy & Happy

Is your dog exhausted, dehydrated or bored from the scorching summer heat? Here's your solution! With our sprinkler pad - Refreshing Dog Sprinkler Pad, your furry friend will never wants summer to end!